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My BabyZoo Ltd. is a HK-based company which develops smart sleep aids for young
children. Each products aims to enhance the bed-time ritual, to comfort the child during the
night, and to improve the child’s rest during the night. The company’s launching products
are the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer and the world’s first timer-based Night Light.

BabyZoo products:

  • stimulate and develop the child’s senses while being playful and fun
  • are carefully considered with an eye for detail
  • stimulate the relationship between parent and child
  • Contain animal babies with friendly, wide-open eyes, who are curious and smiling

BabyZoo brings stylish and contemporary yet playful packaging

BabyZoo packaging brilliantly displays the products which have been designed so beautifully. The sundown background symbolizes the bed-time moment, while at the same time personifies warmth, calmness and beauty.


Our Products

  • Night Light
    This extremely cute & huggable turtle-shaped Nightlightwill comfort children and help them ease into sleep.

    View Product

  • Sleep Training
    An intuitive sleep aid for showing children when they are allowed to get up or still need to catch some sleep.

    View Product

  • Digital Music Box
    The world’s first digital music player especially developed for babies and young children.

    View Product

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