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Welcome to the world of JAHGOO!

Beyond Bathing: A world that was created because I did not want my bathroom be clogged with outdated, space-hogging eyesores, crying out for a redesign.

“As a parent, you simply seem to tolerate all of these primary colors and blocky shapes around the house,” says Hans. “Why can’t baby stuff be highly functional and elegantly or cleverly designed? What about space efficiency? As a new generation has kids, there’s a call for hip, design-conscious baby gear. And it does not all have to be outrageously expensive!” So, Jahgoo was born, cool, ergonomically-designed and price-sensitive baby hardware.


Our Products

  • 3 in 1 Training Potty
    This gorgeous and practical 3-in-1 bath room accessory is, first and foremost, an ergonomically designed potty.

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  • Step Stool
    With anti-slip preventing sliding! This stool has the perfect height for young children to reach the sink.

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  • Bath Support
    This bath support is a very comfortable bath seat. Your bay feels like sitting in a sporty seat enjoying it’s bath time.

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  • Bath
    This beautiful and comfortable bath is the only that provides anti-slip both on the inside as well as on the outside.

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  • Potty
    Besides being stylish, this potty is also practical and ergonomically designed, accommodating both girls and boys.

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